The Writing Motherhood project was founded by Carolyn Jess-Cooke in 2013 to explore the impact of motherhood upon creativity. In addition, the project aims:

  1. to recapture those experiences of motherhood which are beautiful and complicated and often unifying amongst women, including those experiences of infertility
  2. to interrogate motherhood as a space in which everyday sexism is rendered permissible
  3. to confront and unpack the notion of the ‘pram in the hallway’, or the notion of motherhood obstructing the creation of great art

One of the ways you can get involved right now is by writing a letter to another mum. These letters are completely anonymous and a way of communicating experiences/helping others who might be struggling in many different ways: postnatal depression, returning to work, dealing with stillbirth, miscarriage or infertility, relationship problems, work/life balance, children with physical/mental disabilities, and so on.

By beginning to document and communicate the experience of motherhood, and by championing women’s voices, we feel strongly that motherhood can be represented more accurately and positively, and that the sexism that is often permissible in motherhood discourses can be challenged.

You can write a poem, an essay, or a letter addressed to ‘Dear Mother’. Don’t be shy! Again, these letters are anonymous, and you don’t need to worry about spelling or being judged. Send your letter to and we will post it on the ‘Letters‘ section of the website.